Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Friends,
Just on the eve of "HOLI", I was pleased to receive a gift from my younger sister "Nani Didi". Knowing my fascination for photography (though my younger brother "Pappu" is much more accomplished and is an old practitioner of the art), she bought me a SONY Cyber-shot with 12.1 mega pixel feature. You can understand my surprise and pleasure at her grand gesture. She has always been kind to everybody particularly me. I must thank her.
With the Sony camera began my daily ritual of catching any thing or moment which I find interesting. I must admit, though photography is a very demanding passion which requires great amount of dedication and sincerity, the modern digital cameras have removed the hassles to a great extent. You can always shoot and delete the poor shots at will. It doesn't cost you anything.
Now, I guess, it's about time I shared some of the snaps (all flowers except one street cat) with you all.
Disclaimer: I must be excused, keeping in view my inexperience and limited ability, if these photographs fail to impress you.

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