Thursday, May 13, 2010

My dear friends,
The following piece is in fact the comment I posted to an article from Mr. Nicholas D. Kristof in the NYT, published on 13th May, 2010.
"You, on the one hand, seem to understand the real problem both USA and Pakistan are facing in Pakistan, but the remedial measures suggested by you will not succeed.The reasons are not far to seek. Pakistani ruling elite (read Pakistani military) will never allow this treatment to cure the disease, because it will rob them of the charm and authority, they command in Pakistan. More importantly, the US administrations in the last 40-50 years have always managed to find justifications (howsoever flimsy or unbelievable) to support military dictatorships, though every US President and his officials always announce their support for democracy in Pakistan.Can't we all see that USA will never like democracy to flourish in Pakistan as it would be dicey and the White House/Pentagon bureaucrats always find it easier to deal with military rulers.In the light of yawning gap between the words and deeds of both American as well as Pakistani rulers, your Gandhian remedies are destined to fail."


  1. Makes sense - I see you havent left your old habit of taking interest in affairs of the state and beyond -

    Divakar Dhaveji


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