Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dear all,
Today we all were witness to a great celestial event. It was perhaps chance of a life time. It provided a great opportunity to the astronomers and might have helped the scientific community to improve their knowledge. All this will become evident in days to come, I am sure.
What made me worry, though, was the rather incessant parade of astrologers of doubtful credential, on various Indian TV channels. The Hindi channels were particularly prone to cross the limit of reasonable editorial freedom in the selection of what should and what should not be featured on their channels.
If one were to strictly go by the predictions and prescriptions of the "learned astrologers" who were only too happy to share their "insights" with us, we would not have been able to do anything worthwhile but to spend rest of our lifes, worrying about the effects of the eclipse on our individual sun signs.
I think some moderation was in order. Or was it another case of mindless battle for TRPs.

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